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5 Tips When Building Your New Home

Jun 10, 2021 | bathroom, benchtops, kitchen, laundry

Everyone loves a display home. Not only for their beauty but their professional design and the optional extras they come with. It is common for homebuyers to hanker after the extra costs these upgrades add to the base cost of the home. Still, some of these upgrades, according to expert advice, could offer excellent value and greater return on investment in times of a resale and pay off the smart homebuyer. 


Upgrades to consider when building your new home include: 

1. Outdoor living extras 

Outdoor living spaces are a great addition to every home’s building process and design. They are recommended to every home buyer. Experts describe a sustainably designed outdoor living area as a no-brainer in every dream house. In addition, dedicated outdoor socialising areas are becoming a must for more home buyers. Advice from experts about outdoor living extras ranges from a well-designed garden to adding an undercover alfresco area. Such outdoor spaces are not only beneficial for enjoying peaceful summer evenings and dinners but will increase the selling point and resale value of your home.


2. Incorporating sustainable design 

Sustainable design covers have many upgrades, from solar panels and solar hot water system installations to double glazing, LED downlights and ceiling fans, and the building materials included in your building design. For each of these extras, industry experts believe it pays a double dividend for the homeowner, first by reducing the cost of utility bills and offering the homeowner a higher asset value during resale. In house design, research is increasingly showing that sustainably is becoming an essential aspect of both the building process, selection of building materials, and the overall building design.

By simply keeping your house sustainable and environmentally friendly, you stand the chance of reaping great value both present and in the future.

As a home buyer inspecting a home, pay close attention to the floor plan of the house and its style of orientation. Flipping the floor plan is one valuable building tip from experts, as it enables you to find a better option to improve the aspect in living areas. 


3. Garage installations 

In our world, where many families own cars and are dependent on them for travel and work, a garage is an extra you should consider in the design of your house. A couple of years ago, a garage would be regarded as a luxury but is still not included in many homes and land packages today. Still, they are becoming an essential property feature for homebuyers and owners. A garage offers parking and greater indoor space flexibility, and such options increase your property’s value during resale. Try including your garage at the building stage in your house design, so you save cost and effort and get a better result for your home.


4. Upgrades for kitchen and bathroom 

When thinking of extras to add to your house design, a piece of great expert advice is to consider upgrades with broad appeal in aesthetics and utility. For example, get greater value for your money by spending a little extra on upgrades to frequently used appliances, especially those in the kitchen that add impact to the finished product and hold great appeal to homebuyers.

Most homeowners spend much of their time in the kitchen, so spending some extra money on improving the building design of this space is always a good idea. One prominent feature of most homes is kitchen benchtops, so you spend extra time and money selecting a timeless and durable material. One good option is investing in stone benchtops. Quality appliances and benchtops can be expensive at first but will enhance resale value in the future. Buying good appliances will pay the value of every cent in the long run.

Extras can also be added to your bathrooms, such as upgrading your semi-frameless shower screens to frameless and purchasing premium bathroom benchtops. Contemporary features like these can be worth the extra buck spent.


5. Heating and cooling upgrades 

Installation of ducted or split-system airconditioners should be done during the build, as these systems can be tricky to retrofit after. An air conditioning system adds as much (or even greater) value as its cost both at present and at resale, especially in extreme weather, as so is not considered a luxury inclusion by home experts. The initial cost of an air conditioning system might be high, but like other essential upgrades such as a gas feature fireplace, they create livable and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. 



The end goal of sustainable building design should be to maximise the beauty and usability of your home and create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and a good value on your investment when you choose to put it on the market. These are only a few of the objectives our experts can help you achieve. You can contact us or visit our website with any further questions.