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About Us

Hi! I’m Craig Wiseman, founder and CEO of Stone Benchtops Direct.

We are a direct supplier of stone benchtops.

I’m here to tell you a bit about how Stone Benchtops Direct began, how I got here, and what our goals and mission are.

I started out working as a labourer years ago, but I’ve come a long way since then. I spent 15 years in the Financial Planning industry including building my own financial planning business from the ground up.

In that time, I got the opportunity to work with hundreds of people from all different types of backgrounds and walks of life, which taught me many things about communication and customer service – skills that will stay with me forever.

And while that was great, I felt it was time to move onto something more ambitious. I believe it’s important to always keep raising the bar, constantly try new things, and going the extra mile to outdo yourself.

That is how I got the idea for creating Stone Benchtops Direct.

My experience in finances allowed me to form Stone Benchtops Direct with the goal of being Australia’s biggest quartz stone benchtop supplier bar none! We’re committed to helping our customers get the best quartz stone benchtops for the best price.

That’s part of why we sell our benchtops at direct prices.

It’s also why we offer financial help for those that may need a payment plan or something similar, No matter who you are, what business you have, and what you may need from us, we’re here to make things simple, easy, and profitable for you or your business.

So whether you’re buying or using benchtops for your kitchen manufacturing factory, renovation service, property development, retail store, benchtop wholesale business, or something else, our goal at Stone Benchtops Direct is to always ensure you get exactly what you need, and we do that with our expert industry advice, our competitive pricing, and most importantly, our attitude.

We realise you may be sceptical. After all, you don’t know us, and actions speak louder than words.

That is why we have a special FREE Benchtop Buyers Guide for you!

Whether you own a kitchen manufacturing service, cabinet making service, are a property developer, renovation service, or other business, there’s no doubt you face many challenges when it comes to ordering luxury quartz stone benchtops.

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Our FREE guide contains information for commercial and domestic businesses in the kitchen, stonemason, design and building industries about how to purchase quality quartz stone benchtops at a fraction of the cost and without discounting the quality.

It is invaluable to businesses that use or sell quartz stone benchtops, so please register for your copy now to avoid missing out.