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Kitchen Benchtops

If you’re looking to splash your kitchen with some authentic appearance, then the idea of a natural stone as benchtop material will get you there. Yes, natural stone makes a strong statement which is why it stands among the top choice for kitchen benchtops. Stones like quartz, limestone, granite and marble have unique aesthetic and physical properties such that selection comes down to durability, appearance and feel.

All-natural stone products for kitchen benchtops arrive with a seal that protects the material from being stained or degraded by acidic substances. However, spills from vinegar or wine should be wiped down immediately, so the sharp surface doesn’t etch or change colour. Thankfully, when natural stone gets stained, the blemishes disappear over time. Even etching from acid or other corrosive substances can be refined.


How to choose a Stone Benchtop for your kitchen

Refurbishing your kitchen involves a lot. You need to decide what kind of benchtop your kitchen should have. This would come down to your cooking style and personality. And so, here are three things you should consider when going for stone benchtops – budget, product appearance, use and purpose. These affect how long the benchtop will last.


What is the best benchtop for kitchens?

There are several synthetic and natural materials that can be used for a kitchen benchtop. From engineered stone, laminate, timber, solid surface, stainless steel, marble, polished concrete to granite, to mention but a few, the list is endless. Each one of these materials has its perks and drawbacks. The best benchtop for you depends on your kitchen activities, cost of benchtop material plus installation, and aesthetics.


Are stone benchtops worth it?

Starting from increasing home value, homes having natural stone benchtops sell higher than others as the cost for refurbishment, later on, is on the low. Stone is more resistant to scratch, durable, aesthetically pleasing and hard-wearing compared to other materials. They might be expensive, though but have long-term benefits.


Selecting the best benchtop

Choosing a benchtop may be difficult. From budgeting to finding the right material for your kitchen needs, it takes a whole lot of effort. Now more than ever, the market is saturated with great options for benchtops, including engineered quartz, natural marble, porcelain, sealed granite, bamboo, ultra-compact surface benchtops, etc. Finding the perfect choice is determined by how well the material responds to your kitchen functions, damage, heat, abrasion, cleaning, the type of look you want and budget.


How much does it cost to install a benchtop?

It comes down to the material type. We have a range of colours of stone benchtops for your kitchen needs. Contact us for a quote.

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