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Stone Benchtops Melbourne

Choosing the right stone material for your kitchen benchtop can be exhausting, tiring and even confusing, especially if you do not know how to go about it. The process involves selecting the stone material itself (natural stone or engineered stone) and choosing the size, colour, finish, and even placement. 

All these can be much work without professional help. For this reason, we at Stone Benchtops Direct have decided to make things a lot easier by guiding you on how to get stone benchtops in Melbourne and why you need them.


Make your kitchen stand out with custom made benchtops

You can have your kitchen looking just the way you want it to by contacting us. There are different stone types you can choose from to create that unique style that suits your taste. From quartz, granite and even natural stones like marble, we can help you source for them all, and we can also help you create a kitchen stone benchtop in Melbourne that is entirely exclusive to your taste and style. Get in touch with us for more information. 


A modern kitchen with natural stone benchtops

The look of cut, polished and clean stone benchtop in an ultra-modern kitchen is unmistakably beautiful. You can upgrade your kitchen by adding a stone benchtop if you do not have one already, or you can get a brand new one. Either way, contact us for help.


Benefits of kitchen stone 

There is no telling the benefits you can achive by getting a kitchen stone benchtop. One of its most important benefits is the maximisation of space in the kitchen area. First of all, its addition is a huge boost and a significant upgrade to the kitchen. Besides making the kitchen look more spacious, it can be more functional by serving as a space where kitchen utensils can be stored.

Furthermore, the stone benchtop adds a touch of elegance and class to your kitchen, making it look more like part of a home instead of a cooking space. This, of course, depends on the stone material used, the colour and the finish.


What we can do for you

As one of the suppliers of kitchen benchtops in Melbourne, we are your trusted source for quality benchtop materials. Whatever type of stone you need for your benchtop, be it natural or engineered stone, we can help you get the best quality for your residential homes or your commercial areas. 


What are the services we offer?

Our service goes beyond supplying stone materials for kitchen benchtops, and we are also your one-stop contact for customised kitchen benchtops, tabletops, laundry benchtops, fireplaces, etc. Give us a call for a bespoke stone feature for your home or commercial places.


Why should you choose us for your Melbourne kitchen stone?

We know that there are several stone suppliers available, but you should be really careful when making your choice of stone supplier. At Stone Benchtops Direct, we take pride in our work, and we also take our clients and their choices seriously. 

Having spent a reasonable number of years in this field, it is safe to say that we know just what we are doing. Customer satisfaction above all else is our goal, ensuring that our customers are satisfied.

According to your budget, we can help you get affordable stone benchtops in Melbourne. Even with a smaller budget, you can still get good quality benchtops for your residential homes or commercial areas.


What kind of Caesarstone products can we offer?

We are available to design and manufacture Caesarstone countertops of elegance, style and class. Our manufactured products range from kitchen countertops, stone benchtops, vanity tops, workstations and even islands. We are your reliable source for any worktop or Caesarstone product. 


What is the difference between natural stone and artificial one?

You can either ask for a natural stone to be used for your benchtops or an artificial one. 

Artificial, engineered or reconstituted stones are manufactured from a blend or combination of aggregate chips, resins, pigments and other binders. Artificial stones are uniform in appearance due to their manufacturing process, and although they are not as strong or hard as natural stones, they are equally strong and durable.

Getting the right kind of stone for your benchtop irrespective of your budget should be done with the help of professionals and experts.


Contact us at Stone Benchtops Direct for a quote and let us help you with your next project.