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6 Myths About Stone Benchtops

Aug 9, 2021 | bathroom, benchtops, kitchen, laundry

Natural stone is a beauty to behold. And stone types like marbles, travertine and granite are spectacular when used as benchtop materials. Even with all the interesting facts about stone, there is misinformation about using natural stone for building purposes.

In this post, the various myths about natural stone will be discussed so that Australians can learn the truth about the wonders of natural stone for domestic and commercial use.

What are the myths surrounding the use of stone benchtops?

Myth 1 – It’s tough to maintain natural stone.

Maintenance is key to long-lasting kitchen fixtures. And for natural stone benchtops, the material lasts long, and if the right precautions are followed, it is easy to maintain. First, it is critical to seal tight the natural stone before using it for the first time. Routine sealing is also recommended, but the number of times this should be done comes down to the stone type and used. Going further, ensure to wipe down all spills (water, food ingredients and beverages) quickly, and you’ll have a low-cost maintenance stone.

Myth 2 – Don’t use marble for the kitchen benchtop.

This myth is a common one. Your natural stone benchtop requires regular cleaning and care like you would every useful surface. When it comes to baking, marble benchtop is cool and hard – just perfect for dough preparation. This is why most bakeries will go for nothing less than marble worktops. But if you expose marble to substances containing acids like alcohol, the surface will etch. So, wipe down every spill immediately and efficiently.

Myth 3 – Natural stone will not trend in future.

For thousands of years, even during the time of the ancient, stone has found application in all kinds of construction. For any kind of style and application, there are suitable stone finishings. Most importantly, natural stone comes in different shapes, colours, sizes, patterns and grains that can be developed into any cute design you need.

When we talk about building materials, natural stonehas been timeless. This qualifies it as a safe option. Over centuries, stone stands as a remarkable wonder in design trends both in aesthetics and function. And it won’t stop.

Myth 4 – Natural stone is very pricey.

There is this conception that only very high budgets can afford stone. But it isn’t true. Yes, we do know that rare stones come at significant prices, but there are a plethora of stone options that can fit into modest budgets. You don’t have to do a heist to buy natural stone. Again, if you consider the benefits of stone against synthetic building materials, you will find it to be a very cost-effective option.

Myth 5 – Restoring natural stone is not easy.

From natural to man-made factors, natural stone can get broken it cracked. For instance, an earthquake can destroy a floor made from stone. The direct impact of heavy objects can ruin a stone design. An accident can also cause damage to stonework. But should this bother you? No. Why? There may be no need to completely replace the cracked stone, though it comes down to how badly damaged it is.

For simple cracks which ruin the appeal of stone, certain experts can fix it. So far you get a qualified stonemason, restoring an impacted stone can be done as soon as possible.

Now, if you already have stone kitchen benchtopsthere is no reason to worry about restoration. Most importantly, your stone countertops can last for years without any replacement or repair with the right care.

Myth 6 – Investing in natural stone isn’t wise.

There’s no denying that you will pay more up-front for natural stone. But just like every huge investment, you should study up before making a move. Look at the characteristics of natural stone, for instance. There are special features stone possess that is not common to other materials used for covering surfaces. Over time, stone persists through wear and tear to retain its appeal; something you won’t find in any other material. Do you also know that any defect in natural stone can be fixed easily without spending so much? This is true.

Getting a stone benchtop for your home is a brilliant investment idea. This is because modern stone benchtops are known to up the value of properties as years roll by. So, by the time you want to sell that property, you will get a good price for it.


Final words

Now that you know better about natural stone, give us a call if you need a custom stone benchtop for your home. We are one of the best stone suppliers and manufacturers in Australia. And till tomorrow, we would say that natural stone is beautiful, long-lasting, functional and timeless! High-quality, Australian standard marble, onyx, travertine and granite is what we offer here.