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How to Incorporate A Stone Benchtop Into Your Laundry

Apr 13, 2023 | laundry

Laundry spaces are often overlooked in interior design, as they are considered utilitarian areas rather than spaces for luxury.

However, with the right design elements, even a mundane laundry space can become an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing part of your home. A stone benchtop is one design element that can greatly enhance the look and feel of your laundry space.

They offer a sleek and stylish finishing touch, and their durability makes them perfect for this hardworking space. In this post, we will explore some tips and tricks for incorporating your stone benchtop into the design of your laundry space.

Choose the right stone –

When choosing your laundry stone benchtop, there are many options to consider. While granite and marble are popular choices, they might not fit a laundry space best. A silica-free quartz alternative is a better candidate, as it’s more resistant to stains and damage from moisture. Additionally, it’s incredibly versatile and can mimic the look of other stones, such as marble or granite.

Match your benchtop with your cabinetry –

Match your benchtop with your cabinetry to create a cohesive look. If your cabinetry is dark, opt for a lighter-coloured benchtop, and if it is light, go for a darker-coloured benchtop. This contrast will add dimension and depth to your space.

Add texture –

Texture can add visual interest to your laundry space. Add textured tiles on the wall behind your benchtop, or a textured backsplash. A textured finish on your stone benchtop can also be an option, as it will create a striking contrast with other smooth surfaces.

Use your benchtop as a workspace –

A durable and spacious stone benchtop makes it the perfect workspace for folding laundry, ironing clothes or even prepping plants. Adding a sink to your benchtop provides a convenient space for washing delicates or pets.

Don’t forget about lighting –

Lighting is another key element in creating a stylish laundry space. If your benchtop sits in the dark, it won’t do much to enhance your space. Consider installing overhead, under-cabinet, or even some stylish pendant lamps.


Incorporating a stone benchtop into the design of your laundry space is an easy way to add style and functionality to an often-overlooked area. By following these tips and tricks, you can create a beautiful and practical workspace that seamlessly fits into the rest of your home.

Whether a homeowner or a builder, a stone benchtop is a smart investment that will enhance your laundry space for years. The team at Stone Benchtops Direct is here to help you plan your perfect laundry with our benchtops. Contact us to learn more.