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Kitchen Design Tips

Jul 17, 2020 | benchtops, kitchen

The kitchen is to the home what the heart is to the human body. A very good percentage of things that make your stay at home comfortable stems from the kitchen. Aside from providing a place where you cook those delicacies you love, the kitchen serves as a relaxation centre where you can chat away with friends and family. This is why when you are building a new home, the kitchen should be carefully designed to make it comfortable and functional.


Kitchen design at Stone Benchtops Direct 

A lot of time is undeniably spent in the kitchen. From studies, cooking in the kitchen for an average Australian takes about 6 hours every week, while the Indians use over 13 hours to prepare their special foods per week. These hours are not even part of the chatting time spent in the kitchen with friends and family. But it all comes down to how cosy your kitchen is. A cramped kitchen won’t allow for convenience in chatting and cooking. So, it’s imperative to meticulously plan your kitchen decor to improve its efficacy, plus it would increase its purchasing value should you ever think of selling your home.

That said, what would it take to create the best kitchen in your home space, whether you are renovating or constructing a new home?

The following tips would prove useful in building your dream kitchen:


  • Plan Ahead

The kitchen design is not set in stone. In fact, it is a very flexible task that comes down solely to your personal preferences. Consider what you want from your kitchen. Some persons go for comfort, others for style, and some for function. What’s your budget for a new or refurbished kitchen? Think about this as well.

Another thing is what size of family will be using the kitchen? While a standard small kitchen may serve just you, a large family will definitely require more from a kitchen, including size.

Of course, you need to also consider what will be happening in your kitchen. Will your kitchen serve as a place for only cooking, working, or for relaxation and entertainment? Are you going to carry out more than one function in your kitchen? Do you have visitors every weekend?

Think of your kitchen’s function and craft a plan. This will determine how much you’ll be spending on your kitchen interior design.


  • Write down what your kitchen must-have

This next tip is important and depends on what function your kitchen will be used for. What features must the kitchen possess? This could range from basic fixtures and fittings to sophisticated appliances and furniture like microwaves? What about the kitchen benchtops, and shelves?

Does a traditional kitchen appeal to you? Or do you love a minimalist kitchen? There are a plethora of designs for kitchens out there; from kitchens with a bohemian flair to country chic kitchens, the list is endless.


  • Think of storage

So much space for storing things is needed in a new kitchen, and a lot of persons do not put this into consideration. However, this may not be necessary if you’re going to be ordering pizza and ready-made meals every day.

You need space to store up cups, pots, plates, appliances, spices and herbs, dinnerware, baking trays, among other important kitchen stuff. Ensure there is sufficient space for these things. For kitchen designs that help maximise space, you can add dual-purpose surfaces as part of kitchen fixtures.


  • Choose the best lighting

Kitchen lighting should be placed such that it falls in front and not behind you. Don’t use overhead lighting as it doesn’t provide enough brightness.

Dimmer switches should be installed around the kitchen, particularly above the kitchen table and island. You can combine ceiling lights, pendant lights, and under cabinet lighting. With these lights in place, the kitchen will be bright enough to prevent accidents and help you set the mood.


  • Other kitchen designs

There are so many ideas for beautiful kitchens – you can use any of them. The good thing about decorating the kitchen is that all parts of this structure can be made to fit your choice and requirements.

For instance, should you love to work in your kitchen, you can choose and construct special zones. A smart kitchen idea is to make timeless choices except you plan to move anytime soon. Let the function and comfort of your kitchen come first, make storage a priority, and choose features that’ll help you achieve this.

Do you need more ideas for a luxury kitchen? We have innovative tips to help you. Contact our team today. If you already have a plan, we can work with you. Where you don’t have one, we can help you select the best for you.