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New Year, New Kitchen Goals!

Dec 16, 2021 | benchtops, kitchen

Now that we’re about to enter a new year, don’t you think it’s time to say goodbye to boredom by making your kitchen breathe anew? Think of all the amazing fixtures and fittings you’ve always wanted to have. You really can upgrade your kitchen to look spick and modern.

This article will highlight some new ways to transform your kitchen into a haven you can comfortably work in. 

Where to begin when I want a new kitchen?

Your need for a fresh new look is likely borne out of the desire to have this vital part of the home looking very organised and fit for a modern-day user. 

Several things happen in the kitchen. Some people cook and eat in theirs; others simply prepare meals alone. What’s your need for a kitchen? Answering this question will determine how functional your new meals and cooking area will be. It will highlight the kind of appliances, how much workspace, and how many persons can be contained in your kitchen. 

Again, consider your aesthetics. How beautiful do you want your kitchen should be? What kind of colours do you like? Would you like it to be truly modern-looking or have a modern and traditional blend? 

Your budget is the next critical consideration. How much are you willing to spend to revamp your space? Would you like to have kitchen benchtops? It would add to the overall cost of planning an updated kitchen.


What’s trending in new kitchens?

High-performance kitchens surprisingly contain very minute details that make huge differences. When it comes to design, you may want to add the following latest features:

  • Premium flick mixers: A classic touch can create the greatest effect that stands out among others. This is where flick mixers come in. They are elegant fixtures that throw in some style and glamour to the entire space. Besides, this fixture is easy to use, but ensure you choose a good quality piece.
  • 900mm appliances: An expert design involves not only the walls, floors, ceiling and furniture design, but it also extends to the kind of appliances you will be using. 900mm appliances are trending. Choose them when you need an oven, hotplate or range hood. 

Bigger cooking areas and cabinets are beneficial, especially when you have a growing family. This is because you won’t be bothered by the inevitable deterioration over time. Always go for premium quality brands of appliances as choosing poor quality, but cheap ones will make you pay more in future.

  • Locally-made kitchen cabinets: Rather than go for cabinets from overseas, give your kitchen a fantastic finish with durable and beautiful cabinets made locally. Why? One major reason is customisation! Yes, you can style your local cabinet according to your needs; but you may not be able to do this with imported cabinetry.
  • Soft closers: One of the trendy key tweaks that can improve your kitchen beyond expectation is soft closers. You create a luxurious feel to your cabinets by adding them to your drawers and cupboards.

How do I plan the layout of my new kitchen?

For your kitchen layout design and planning, here are some tips that can help:

  • Lower kitchen traffic by creating a space that precedes entrance into it and ensuring the pathway to the kitchen is free from appliances and fixtures that can obstruct the passage.
  • Place appliances and fixtures to be close to each other comfortably.
  • If your layout will include an island, remember that appliance doors will swing, so create space for such
  • First, install your kitchen sink in a part of the room from which you can look outside a window.
  • Layout your cooktop on an outside wall to make ventilation easy
  • Create vertical wall storage by combining open shelves and wall hooks
  • Have your layout visualised in 3D with a kitchen layout tool



You can have your dream kitchen idea come to reality using the guide we have provided. For more ideas, get in touch. We can assist with the supply, fabrication and installation of stone benchtops for all sizes of projects in Sydney, Wollongong, the Southern Highlands and the Central Coast. Contact us now for a quote.