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Quartz Stone Benchtops

The kitchen benchtop is one area of the house that bears the brunt of the kitchen activities. This is why you have to take proper care and precautions when choosing the material for the benchtop. From natural to cut and engineered stone, the benchtop material must be durable, strong and able to withstand the pressures of kitchen activities. Additionally, when choosing a benchtop material, you have the option of customising the kitchen benchtop to your taste with regards to texture, colour and finish. 

A popular material used for kitchen benchtops is quartz or engineered stone. This is because it is affordable and is available in virtually every shade and finish. When you get a quartz stone benchtop, you can be sure of strong and durable material. Contact us for help in getting quartz stone for countertops in your kitchen.

What is Quartz?

Quartz is a natural, abundant mineral made of natural properties and a combination of artificial properties. Although it is not purely a natural stone, it is the only artificial material that comes close to natural stone in durability and strength. Being a hard material, manufacturers discovered that quartz could be beneficial as a surface material, which led to the manufacture of quartz stone benchtops.

Benefits of quartz as a benchtop material

Quartz is hard, strong and durable, and these are some of the properties that make it very valuable. Besides these properties, there are other benefits attached to having a quartz stone benchtop in your kitchen; these benefits include the following.

  • Durable: As a benchtop material, Quartz is one of the most durable. It can last for years without damage or the need to replace them. Furthermore, when resin binders are added to the quartz material, you have an even stronger and more durable benchtop material.
  • Resistant to scratch and stains: the scratch-resistant surface of the quartz material makes it an excellent material for kitchen benchtop material. This is good because it means the benchtop will not be affected by materials used on the surface. Furthermore, quartz material does not get stained due to its low porosity. Ultimately, it means that it cannot be affected by liquids’ spills, nor will it be stained.
  • Hygienic: it is difficult for bacteria or microorganisms to thrive on the surface of quartz benchtops because of their low porosity. Being unable to hold water, there is no room for the introduction and growth of bacteria. This leads to a healthy and safe working space in the kitchen.


  • Easy to maintain: quartz material does not require much to maintain. Some people tend to wonder how to clean stone benchtops without causing it to deteriorate. A simple solution of soap and warm water is all you need to remove the stains and get rid of sediments on the surface.

Some of the Quartz suppliers we work with

Caesarstone is one of our top quartz suppliers. They are a trusted manufacturer of premium quartz of high quality. They can be trusted to supply quartz material for kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, vanities for bathrooms furniture and even wall panelling for commercial and residential areas. Founded in 1987, Caesarstone operates in Australia, with branches in other parts of Australia. They have been known and recognised globally as a world-class manufacturer and supplier of quartz.

WK Stone and Quantum Quartz brand is another top distributor of natural and engineered stone, including quartz. It was established in 1989 and has remained one of the big names in the distribution of stones for the interior design of residential homes and commercial spaces. With several warehouses and showrooms open in Melbourne, the Gold Coast in Sydney, you can trust WK for your good quality stone needs.

Smartstone is one of the top distributors for quartz materials and surfaces. Although it was established much later than its fellow distribution companies, Smartstone has still managed to stand out on its own as a trusted source of kitchen benchtops. Established in 2002, they have been recognised as one of the fastest-growing distributors of quartz to developers, architects, builders, interior designers and decorators. Their products and materials are suitable for various applications in residential homes and commercial areas.

With a wide range of designer colours, stunning patterns and finishes, YDL quartz stone is easier to work with, making it ideal for designers and high-end installations. YDL quartz stone surface is non-porous so spills clean off effortlessly. We create this surface by using natural quartz (approximately 93%) with high-quality polymer resins (approximately 7%) and natural, colourful pigments. The team of YDL Stone understand every stage of supplying the best quartz stone on the market. Their range of product samples and product literature gives you the confidence to select the right stone for a flawless finish. To appreciate the sheer beauty and scope of their designer range, we invite you to visit a YDL Stone display centre to view the full-size slabs.

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