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Small Kitchen Ideas for Apartment Living

Mar 15, 2021 | benchtops, kitchen

Do you live in a beautiful, small apartment but don’t have enough kitchen space? Not to worry, these fantastic ideas for a kitchen design we have put together will improve storage and efficiency in your home.

The plan is to work out something with your kitchen layout regardless of its shape or size.

So, whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or seeking ways to make an outdated apartment look modern, these tips are a good start for functional kitchens.

There are tons of innovative ideas that can transform your kitchen space, but you need to consider what style is in vogue to do it right.


What’s trending in small kitchen designs?

Minimal design:

You may want to try keeping your kitchen simple. Small apartments, a minimalistic kitchen with light colours, matching shades and tones, clean lines, and fine accessories will make everything look orderly and create the illusion of space.

Concealed kitchens:

This is one of 2019’s top trend in kitchen design. Here, the kitchen or parts of it are hidden or camouflaged using work areas that are concealed. With stylish cabinets, sleek appliances, and touchable textures all behind a single or double sliding door, this design creates the perfect veiled kitchen.

Freestanding modular:

One of the kitchen design ideas that allow for a multifunctional, high-end modern and flexible kitchen space is the freestanding modular. Here, customisation is at its peak. You can have differently shaped and sized worktops and extractable tables to create your workspace and dining areas for family and friends.


Adopted from compact cooking areas on boats, this design involves a walkway in between two parallel benchtops on the left and right. Perfect for small-sized apartments.

One wall:

Here, all the cabinets, appliances and accessories are installed along a wall. This invokes the feeling of a wider kitchen area. Since the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink can occupy a greater space, careful planning is advised to create enough food preparation room. Using the dining table for extra workspace is a solution.

More light:

Dark and crampy, light and spacious is the perfect description of this design. If you throw in more light – good lighting, and so much of it, such as a skylight, or window splashback, a small kitchen will be brighter, more ventilated, and look like it’s large. Otherwise, it will look stuffed. Enough lighting over the kitchen island and prep area is excellent when making meals.

Use floating tables:

Have an L-shaped kitchen facing a blank wall? That’s perfect for a floating table or shelf, which will act as an additional counter or dining area. What if the kitchen is narrow? A foldable table that can be flush with the wall is a great fixture.


Trash every plastic container you’re not using, including mismatched dinnerware periodically. Clutter reduces space; space a small kitchen doesn’t even have.

You may be beginning to imagine how much sense these ideas make, but we’re not done.


More ideas for small kitchens

Savvy storage:

Maximise space. Built-in storage makes it easier to use available space. Where possible, utilise space for more jobs. For instance, install racks on the inside of cupboard doors to hold items. Install shelves in corners and mount them close to the ceiling for things you don’t use regularly. Your island bench can also serve as a breakfast bar, and the draws can be storage for cutlery and mugs.

Cut the clutter:

Everyone may be exciting minimalism; however, if you need a sustainable and stylish home, you need fewer items. Buy only what you need. It saves money, time and stress. Purchase kitchen wares simply to replace broken or unavailable items.

Pull-out workspaces:

By installing pull-out countertops, you can have more work areas in a small kitchen. This can work for prep areas and chop boards. Storing pull-out stations until there’s a need is easy and makes sense.

Creative shelving:

If your small kitchen lacks built-in storage, fit insufficient shelf space. Should you have a free wall, create a cabinet with numerous storage spaces. Floating shelves are a modern and minimal shelf idea for storage too.

Bench space:

Install custom kitchen cabinets, portable furniture like induction cooktops, pull-out benches, island benchtops, wheeled butcher blocks, and a butler’s pantry. Adding an extra bench to kitchen spaces, not in use will work for coffee stations or storage spaces.


The perfect layout for a kitchen accommodates all the needed fixtures and fitting and allows you to work effectively.

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