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Stone Top Tables and Furniture Trends in 2021

Jul 7, 2021 | benchtops, stone top furniture

2020 brought several uncertainties and disrupted many industries. Interior and furniture design suffered a lot, with most jobs being on hold to stay indoors. Although the pandemic is yet to be over, designers are gradually getting to do what they do best.

Designers have taken to incorporating daring and colourful pieces with nature-inspired beauty into an office and home designs. Below are common trends in furniture design, particularly modern table and stone furniture designs.


Big, bold, and nature-inspired colours

In the past few years, table colour trends have revolved around two aspects. One of the design trends is based on the colour treatment and beauty of wood to make the table’s patternation shine. The other trend is Scandi-inspired minimalism, and the Hygge philosophy took effect with light and contrasting dark shades dominating.

Designers are into classic colours, so they mix bolder colours that show nature’s abundance. These trending colours for different stone tables and furniture pieces include earth tones, vibrant blues, high-contrast greys, olive greens and burnt oranges.

This furniture colour trend has been attributed to designers’ awakened passion for trying out nature-inspired bolder patterns and colours.


Natural beyond wood

Although some people are still not on board with the trending furniture colours, almost everyone is fond of various natural stone designs for different furniture pieces, ranging from outdoor furniture to marble side tables, dining tables, and coffee tables.

Many people are familiar with the beautiful marble furniture design colours like grey Carrara and classic whites. We’ve now seen more black, red, gold, and vibrant blue marble stone table tops.

Small changes in raw materials used in marble furniture have given rise to different amazing colours. Now, you can have your marble dining tabletops and other furniture in your desired colour, like the Chinese deep greens marble furniture.

People are tending towards natural materials, colours, and textures, so apart from stone materials, designers also create unique furniture designs with other natural materials such as wood, glass, metal, and leather.


Natural stones

Marble is a common natural stone, but it is not the only stone design that designers use for interior and furniture designs. Asides from marble pieces like marble coffee table tops, we’ve seen different travertine table designs and limestone furniture designs in different patterns and colours.


Natural table designs

The latest table and furniture trends are all about nature. Besides natural stone materials and nature-inspired furniture designs, designers are also taking inspiration from different organic forms.
Nature has abundant patterns and forms, from polished pebbled shapes to flawless ones and intricate geometric patterns. Many designers are drawing their inspiration for modern tables and other home furniture from nature’s forms.


Organic and technology

Besides taking inspiration from nature, designers have also embraced technology in making different stone tables, home and office furniture. We now have connective and easily accessible power points on stone outdoor tables, even indoor furniture pieces due to the increased need for tables to work from comfortable places, not just offices.

Modern stone tables also have cable management and other conveniences, which allows tables have the resources needed without affecting their aesthetics and ergonomics.



From marble side tables to other stone furniture in homes and offices, trends are changing, with designers constantly taking inspiration from nature. You can jump on the nature-inspired trend and opt for modern furniture in your home or office. Get in touch with Stone Benchtops Direct today and let’s discuss your ideas.