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Tips For Picking Stone Benchtop Colours

Oct 11, 2021 | bathroom, benchtops, kitchen, laundry

Renovations and remodelling of existing kitchens require careful planning, and decorating kitchens in new homes require the same careful planning and attention to several details. Whether you are remodelling an old kitchen or decorating a new one, we can all agree that certain features can be overwhelming to consider, and one of those is the stone benchtop colour.

In any kitchen, the stone benchtops colour is essential because the kitchen area is one of the most important areas of the house, and you may want to consider other aspects of the kitchen as well.

Below are some tips on choosing the right stone benchtop colour.


A Classic Touch With White Benchtops

White colour in houses gives off a traditional and classic appeal that never gets old. When you pick white as your colour choice for your kitchen benchtop, you are probably looking for a bright, classic and simple look. White benchtops give a spacious and airy environment to the kitchen area, making it look clean and crisp. When you choose a colour, you do not have to worry about any other colour you choose to add to the kitchen because the white colour goes well and blends with every other colour. An additional bonus is that it can never get out of fashion. You are welcome to add or change to another colour in time.


Go Modern With Black Benchtops

Black colour is not one that is usually used in areas like the kitchen. In fact, until recently, black was not used in decorating houses. Presently, black is used very well in homes and even as benchtop colours. It gives a dark and very strong impression in the kitchen. The intense black colour can either be used on its own or paired with other colours for a toned-down look. When used for benchtops, they are either used to add a shiny finish or paired with colours that contrast in the cupboards or cabinets.


Stand Out With Bold Benchtop Colours

Besides black, other bold colours have a distinct and strong presence when used in the home and in certain areas. For example, colours like yellow or a solid blue create a strong impression and bold statement, and they create an appeal and an energetic atmosphere. Note, however, that such colours must be used in small quantities or doses and must be paired with lighter shades for a balanced but effective appeal. Using the colours on its own can be overwhelming and may come off as being too much.


Stay Neutral With Grey and Calm Colours

Sometimes, you may want something cool and serene but not associated with white. At the same time, you may also want something a little bit intense, but you may not want to bring black into the picture. In this case, you can go for calm colours like grey. Grey colour is a very great choice for a subtle and distinct environment, and when paired with white, it gives off an even better appeal. If you decide to use grey for your kitchen benchtops, you can pair it with white or wooden kitchen cabinets, creating a classic vintage style.

Picking the colour for your benchtop is as important as the material used itself. At Stone Benchtops Direct, we prioritise sourcing for the best stones and marble for quality benchtops. If you still do not have a stone supplierget in touch with us today for more information.