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Tips To Upgrade Your Bathroom Benchtops

Dec 17, 2020 | bathroom, benchtops

Your bathroom is your private space, so it is important to keep it up-to-date. Homeowners add bathroom renovations to that list along with other areas because it’s important. 

Upgrading your bathroom benchtops makes you feel more comfortable being in it. This adds style and a touch of class. If you want to upgrade your bathroom benchtops, you should consider a few things to give your bathroom a perfect look. They include:

  • Spraypaint your faucets 
  • Change the paint to a colourful one 
  • Hang up a few artworks
  • Update your lighting 
  • Create a storage cabinet 
  • Accessorise your toilet
  • Frame the mirror 
  • Upgrade your vanity 

How to upgrade your bathroom vanity

With a little effort and time, you can give your vanity a new look by following these simple steps. 

  • Clean up the vanity 
  • Remove the hardware 
  • Sand the vanity 
  • Prime it 
  • Paint 
  • Distress the edges 
  • Seal the finish 
  • Re-attach the hardware, doors, and drawers
  • Replace the faucet 

Upgrading your vanity benchtop

After you have upgraded your vanity, it is also important to upgrade the benchtop. Bathroom benchtops give you a surface to do different things in the bathroom. The upgrade is incomplete if you perform a bathroom upgrade without upgrading your vanity benchtop. You need to know the different types of vanity benchtops to upgrade your vanity benchtop. They include the following. 

  • Tiles 

Different tile patterns for bathroom benchtops are available, so you can choose anyone to suit your bathroom style. You can customise the patterns, and they are affordable. Opting for glazed ceramic tiles may be better because they are resistant to stains, moisture, heat, and scratches. 

  • Laminate 

Most modern laminates have realistic wood or stone finishing and a wide range of patterns and designs. They are quite affordable, water-resistant, durable, easy to install, and clean. However, they become dull and thin over time. If one gets damaged, you have to replace the entire vanity top.

  • Engineered stone 

Engineered stones consist of crushed stone and acrylic resin. They are naturally stain, bacteria, and water-resistant. Minor damages can be buffed out, and the benchtop is extremely durable. Some designs look like natural stone benchtops and are virtually seamless. However, intense heat can damage the benchtops, and scratches are more visible.

  • Marble 

A marble benchtop gives your bathroom an elegant finish. It is usually white with streaks of grey. Marble benchtops tend to last longer and are resistant to dents and chips. These types of benchtops usually fit into most designs, and you can polish them to a high shine or give them a casual look by using a matte finish. 

The downside is that they require periodic sealing to maintain the finish. They are also prone to etching from acidic substances, scratches and stains. 

  • Granite 

Granite is a popular bathroom benchtop, and most people use it because they have different patterns that could fit into any style. Granite benchtops are resistant to heat, humidity and scratch, long-lasting, and require little maintenance. 

Upgrade your vanity using any of the variants of stone benchtops like marble to give your upgraded bathroom an outstanding finish. 

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