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What Are The Best Places In The Home To Have Stone Benchtops?

Apr 7, 2021 | bathroom, benchtops, kitchen

For a home reconstruction or building from scratch, an important question to ask yourself is what kind of finishes you want and where to be placed? 

Right now on the market, there are several benchtop materials: tile, concrete, stone, laminate, timber, stainless steel, and others. But a trendy option is the natural stone benchtops, and we love it because it has class and style.

Not everywhere in the home may require a stone benchtop. If you want to design your home to have luxe, appeal, and comfort, there are strategic areas where this material will fit perfectly.

Our top spots in the home:


Oh yes, kitchens are one of the busiest places in the home, and even so, are the benchtops in this part of the house. This is why a durable material should make up this space used for cooking, meal preparation, and entertaining. You can get stone benchtops in many styles, including engineered, granite, or marble stone.

Benefits of natural stone in the kitchen

  • Quality: Granted, stone may cost more than other materials, but it’s always of premium quality. For a kitchen benchtop with a great look, feel, and functionality, the stone is a top choice. It’s a good investment that’ll raise the overall value of your home if you’re renting out or reselling.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: From marble to Caesarstone and limestone, there’s a myriad of stylish and colourful stone benchtops with an infinite appeal and unique luxe, complementing every kitchen style.
  • Ease of installation and cleaning: This made-to-order material has no hassles of installation. Just get an expert stone supplier to handle the entire process from measurement to ordering and cutting to fitting. 

A single stone piece will make up a high-quality benchtop, creating a smooth surface and an easy clean. With just water and an eco-friendly cleaning agent, you can wipe down a stone benchtop; scrubbing isn’t necessary.

  • Maintenance and durability: Stone has excellent tensile strength, doesn’t crack or degrade easily and lasts long. Its resistance to scratches and stains makes cleaning easy.
  • Stain and heat resistant: Spills won’t last long on a stone, nor will they retain heat scorches.
  • Magnificent appearance: For that “wow effect” that’ll increase your home value, stone is your go-to. Available in a plethora of finishes and colours, finding one to match your current kitchen design won’t be an issue. 


Another great place to use natural stone which can handle water and heat problems is in the bathroom. Stone is not like synthetic materials in that it has longevity and resistance to stain.

Benefits of natural stone in the bathroom

  • Natural beauty: Using stone for bathroom floors and other designs will change an average-looking bathroom to a lustre-looking, classic, and high-end modern bathroom.
  • Longevity: Bathrooms and wetrooms are exposed to so much water, heat and dust, elements that cause wear. This means whatever material that should be in there must be able to handle all these. Fitting your bathroom with tiles from natural stone won’t require repairs or replacement for the next 5 to 10 years following the right maintenance.
  • Timeless options: No two stone is the same in colour, size, shape and cut. Compared to the similarities that synthetic materials share, stone bathroom benchtop is unique and different from others, delivering an endless variety of beauty and elegance.
  • Resistant to water and stain: Following its superior texture and properties, the hassle of frequently cleaning stains and dirt off the natural stone in the bathroom is eliminated.


Want to enjoy your time in the washroom and make it less of a chore? Then, bring style and quality into your laundry with slate or granite.

Benefits of natural stone in the laundry

  • Durability: Natural stone can withstand the effect of moisture and heavy use in this often neglected part of the house. With a stone laundry benchtopspills from detergents are easily removed.
  • Breathability. Apart from a classic and elegant look, natural stone will not permit mould and mildew from dirty, wet washrooms to thrive because of its non-porous nature, unlike carpet and rugs.
  • Style and convenience: Modern-day laundry now has countertops that can be covered in stone. Whatever comes out of your laundry, natural stone can stand up to it, adding style to this utility room.


Sunlight, extreme winds, and humidity are some of the elements that make the outdoor environment very harsh. But with natural stone, these changes can be resisted.

Benefits of natural stone outdoors

  • An excellent choice of flooring against harsh environmental conditions
  • Available in different great colours and varieties: granite, slate, marble, limestone, sandstone, and flagstone
  • Waterproof and great for areas like driveways, pool decks, and porches
  • Increase home value


If you’re looking for a type of stone to use in your home and need some help, get in touch with us today! We service the Sydney, Wollongong, Southern Highlands and Central Coast of NSW. We look forward to helping you.