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5 Benefits of Using Quartz for Benchtops

Nov 10, 2021 | benchtops, kitchen

Many materials can be made into countertops for domestic and commercial purposes. They all have their pros and cons. However, one material is exceptional. This material is beautiful, but it is also easy to maintain. Wondering what it could be? Yes, it’s quartz. 

Two words best describe quartz: attraction and function. With this material comes a surface that is hard-wearing, hygienic and long-lasting. Are you struggling with maintaining your current countertop? Then you should start thinking quartz countertops. Your focus is on meal preparation rather than cleaning worktops when you choose this material as its maintenance is simple.

Let’s show you how this material can be more than we earlier discussed in 5 ways.

What are the benefits of using quartz for benchtops?

It’s sustainable

Quartz is an amazing material among natural stone products used for building benchtops. Sourced from the earth, quartz offers unbeatable usefulness in many parts of the home. It is eco-friendly, lasts very long before replacement and can be recycled. Do you know that 35% of recycled glass used by consumers make up some of the Q premium quartz we offer?

For home designers, contractors, and architects thinking “green”, it is great that with Q natural high-quality quartz, your project can grab LEED points as it has low emissions and contains recycled materials.

It’s long-lasting

Quartz is a very durable product and requires minimal maintenance. It derives its strength from the reinforcement added by artificial polymers. A well-cared-for quartz surface remains clear and uncontoured without polishing, sealing or conditioning. 

Another great feature of quartz is its resistance to heat, scratches, and scorching. What does this mean? If water or other substances spill on a quartz-covered surface, it can be wiped down easily with soapy water and a damp clean cloth. You should consider this where you’ve got a busy kitchen.

It offers a surface that’s clean and hygienic

When considering kitchen benchtop materialsquartz does not encourage the breeding of microbes and bacteria, and it’s smooth to the touch. You and your family can rest easy knowing that your surface is healthy and very spick. Quartz is a plus to your family health because its bacteria-free feature guarantees a healthy indoor atmosphere.

It offers a warranty for life! 

An attractive strong point for quartz is the warranty. You can get a warranty for life if the product is used in your home for our Q natural high-quality quartz and a 10-year warranty for commercial applications. Who wouldn’t love this? The best part is that you can rest assured that you will use it for a very long time.

Available in great different colours.

You can get a wide range of colours for quartz for use anywhere you deem necessary, including your kitchen, bathroom, poolside or patios. Beautiful neutral colours like grey, cream and white are available if that’s what you need. Again, you can get this material in radiant shades of black and ruby. We also have designs that resemble white marble and other designs that look like natural Granite.

Is quartz a good choice for kitchen countertops?

Compared with other natural stone products like Granite:

  • Looks: Quartz resembles stone and can be custom-made and available in many colours that can suitably match your kitchen design. On the other hand, Granite may be present in many colours, but selecting an appearance that blends with your kitchen colour scheme may not be easy.
  • Cost: The mean price of acquiring and fitting a granite surface is way lesser than buying and installing a quartz countertop. 
  • Eco-friendliness: Some engineering goes into its manufacture, which makes it more eco-friendly than Granite, especially when the stone is produced from the region and fabricated locally.
  • Surface sealing: With Granite, stains from oil and acids can be wiped off with a gentle household cleaning solution or soap and water. But there is a need for a reseal once annually for long-standing granite surfaces. Quartz has a strong surface that requires no resealing. Spills can be wiped off with soapy water or a household cleaning agent.
  • Hard-wearing quality: There’s no doubt that Granite lasts long and can withstand heat and other pressure from kitchen activities. But it is porous and can stain, especially when spilt content are not wiped off immediately. Plus, a hard blow can damage your granite counter. In addition to its attractive appearance, when using quartz for benchtops, it has more strength than Granite and so lasts longer. It doesn’t destroy easily, and germs don’t settle on quartz due to its nonporous nature. Take care when using cooking pans as too much heat can damage quartz surfaces. It’s advisable to use heating pads always. 

So, which one is better for kitchen use: Granite or quartz?

Considering the mess that comes from the kitchen, a surface that is maintained easily, doesn’t stain, and is durable will be a better choice. But it costs more than Granite following the type of quartz you choose, though the appearance of the former still catches the eye of many people. Take a look at your budget and what you need for your kitchen. 

Most certainly, quartz is a great choice, but should you go for Granite; it isn’t a bad choice at all. Aside from the kitchen, your bathroom counter surfaces can be made of quartz. It will be a plus to your home value. 


When it comes to design trends for surfaces, using quartz for benchtops is an excellent choice because it offers durability and reduces maintenance costs. The surface is simple to clean, plus it’s very elegant and sturdy. Why not visit us to see our magnificent collection of quartz and how we can help transform your space with the power of quartz. Give us a call now for a quote.