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How To Plan A Bathroom Renovation

Aug 22, 2020 | bathroom, benchtops

Your bathroom is your personal space and one of the frequently used areas in your house. It is important to make your bathroom comfortable because you would always spend a considerable amount of time there. Regular bathroom renovations will not only make your bathroom up-to-date, but they would also ensure everything is in the right working condition. 

Remodelling a bathroom requires the right budget to purchase the supplies and tools needed to have the ideal bathroom after the renovation. 


Steps for bathroom renovation 

When you have the necessary supplies and tools, you can follow this step-by-step guide on renovating your bathroom. 

It will help if you have experience working with plumbing or an experienced plumber during the renovation to avoid bursting any pipe accidentally or having any other plumbing emergency due to the renovation. 

  • Remove the bathroom fixtures 

If the bathroom renovation is a complete one, you need to start the process by removing the bathroom fixtures that need replacement. Removing the fixtures helps free up space in your bathroom for easy cleaning of the bathroom, repairing of fixtures and installing of new fixtures. 

Start by removing the toilet to prevent unnecessary spills or plumbing problems. If you have a bath tile, remove it before taking out the bathtub. Lastly, remove the mirrors, floor tiles, vanities, and wall tiles. If you intend to install new types and fixtures, keep them close to enable easy accessibility. 

  • Install the new fixtures 

After you remove the old fixtures, you will install the new shower, sink, bathtub and other fixtures. However, do not install your toilet at this stage. While installing these fixtures, you may need to make a few adjustments. For example, your new bathroom benchtops may be bigger than the old ones, and the placement will cover your electrical fixtures. If this is the case, you need to work with an electrician to move the sockets. 

  • Install the floor tiles 

If you intend to replace the floor tiles, you can do so at this stage. Ensure you make reference lines using chalk as this helps you install the tiles in a straight line. Try not to forget grouting in between your floor tiles. 

  • Paint and drywall placement 

Before you start painting, make sure your drywall is close by, then ensure you cover the gaps and seams with the drywall tape and mud. This helps to create an even surface for the painting. Ensure you get moisture-resistant paint to prevent mildew and mould growth in your bathroom. 

  • Install new vanities and cabinets 

After painting the walls, you can now install your new vanities and cabinets. Install the vanities first, then the faucet and sink, before moving the cabinets, mirrors and other fixtures. If you want to have a more aesthetic finishing, you can add trim around your vanity. 

  • Re-install your plumbing 

If you removed your plumbing elements before the renovation, re-install them. Fit the toilet last to avoid water spills and other potential plumbing issues. After you install the toilet, check to make sure it is working properly. 


Concluding your bathroom renovation 

After completing the bathroom renovation, you can add some finishing touches to make your bathroom look beautiful and more comfortable. You could install trim around your mirror, decorate the bathroom by hanging plants or artwork, and window curtains. Ensure you get quality supplies for your bathroom remodelling. 

Using stone benchtops usually make bathrooms more aesthetic. It is suitable for most bathroom designs, so contact us at Stone Benchtops Direct now on 1300 992 868 for all types of stone benchtops supply and installation if you intend to renovate your bathroom.